Tamara Whear, PWC Founder
Tamara has survived life’s lows—personally experiencing chemical dependency, a devastating sudden death in her family and financial reversal. Through these experiences, her true calling became clear: guiding others through the darkness and helping them emerge with purpose, hope and optimism.

Tamara received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2001. Her field experience included working with homeless, chemically-dependent men and people who lacked basic life skills. In 2010, Tamara attended Adler Graduate School to pursue her masters degree in clinical counseling, marriage and family therapy, life coaching and parent coaching.

These and other experiences have given Tamara a street-level snapshot of how traditional social systems often fundamentally resent those whom they’ve been created to serve—which in turn causes people to 'get stuck’ within them. Tamara's first-hand experience has also shaped her philosophy of going outside bureaucratic systems when necessary to provide help.

She views people as individuals to whom therapeutic engagement must be tailored, not as cogs to be inserted into a one-size-fits-all machine. 


Board of Directors
Marilyn Sharpe- Secretary - Marilyn Sharpe Ministries - Parent Educator - author For Heaven’s Sake

Sarah Dull - Communications/ Marketing Coordinator - Administrator of St. John’s Episcopal Church, St. Paul

Lisa Thompson - Treasurer - School Teacher for Richfield Schools and a resident of Richfield

Cherisse Klevin - Member at Large - Office Manager – Eden Prairie